Ballet goes boxing

I never ever would have thought I’d say this. But i would like to take a small break from ballet and try something new! As it is, boxing is not totally new for me, since i’ve done the sport in the past. I have to admit though, I really miss it. So I was thinking about maybe joining my boxing club in my new hometown. Don’t know when yet… It might be during summer, or after summer break when everything starts going. Anyways I am very excited to go boxing again. Sadly I have sold these boxing gloves witch are in this picture, but I have a new pair waiting. I am gonna show them for you later.

2015-05-08 18.54.00.jpg


Matcha latte & original latte

In Porvoo there’s a new restaurant/cafĂ©, named O.M.B, I think it’s one of the only places you can get matcha latte in Porvoo. My Thai friend introduced me to the drink, and it actually tastes really good. A pro, is that it’s apparently quite healthy aswell!