25.7.2018 Estonia Trip

Yesterday I was in Estonia for the very first time in my life. It was only a day lasting cruise, but yet we managed to see and experience a lot. The cruise only took 2,5 hours for one direction, and we had about 6 hours time in Tallin, the capital of Estonia. Mainly we walked in the old town on Tallin, witch was absolutely beautiful. Old houses, different kinds of small shops.. There was no logic way to go through the old town, it was like a total labyrint. Therefore we didn’t manage to see that much. We should have needed atleast a couple of days to explore the whole old town. ┬áHere comes some pictures.



Mamma mia 2


I was watching the second movie of Mamma Mia. I’ve heard many say, that this movie is spectacular, and I agree. It was funny, and quite sentimental, since I listened to Abba in my childhood. ┬áThe little local cinema where I went, was full with people who wanted to see the second part of the film. I am not gonna spoil and tell anything of the content, but I absolutely can recommend for you to watch this film.