Ballet goes boxing

I never ever would have thought I’d say this. But i would like to take a small break from ballet and try something new! As it is, boxing is not totally new for me, since i’ve done the sport in the past. I have to admit though, I really miss it. So I was thinking about maybe joining my boxing club in my new hometown. Don’t know when yet… It might be during summer, or after summer break when everything starts going. Anyways I am very excited to go boxing again. Sadly I have sold these boxing gloves witch are in this picture, but I have a new pair waiting. I am gonna show them for you later.

2015-05-08 18.54.00.jpg


Matcha latte & original latte

In Porvoo there’s a new restaurant/café, named O.M.B, I think it’s one of the only places you can get matcha latte in Porvoo. My Thai friend introduced me to the drink, and it actually tastes really good. A pro, is that it’s apparently quite healthy aswell!


Helsinki design museum

We did a school trip last week in Helsinki, and we visited the Helsinki design museum. There was currently two different types of art. Upstairs was dedicated to Josef Frank. I took picture of his work aswell, maybe I’ll put them on here aswell later. Anyway, for me the most interesting part was the downstairs, witch was dedicated to art in Finland, that is current even to this day. An example of that is for instance, marimekko and Alvar Aalto



















Magritte, Amos Rex

Me and my mother were in Amos Rex, Helsinki yesterday, checking out the surrealistic art of Magritte. I didn’t take photos of every piece of art, but I sure managed to take a lot of pictures. I do recommend going there to check it out.

Valentine’s day

My family and I went out to eat for valentine’s day. I ate a valentine’s day special pizza, strawberries with cheese mousse and chicken.

For dessert a vanilla ice cream with a chocolate.

Hope y’all had an amazing valentine’s day with all your loved ones!

/ xoxo

Types of yoga, more than just meditation?

“yoga is just meditation” is the common stereotype people have who aren’t that familar with yoga in general. The fact is, that yoga is much more than meditation. In fact, there is a jungle of different kinds of yoga, and there is for sure some form for everyone. Yoga is a great hobby, and it is based by the individuals own capability and development. Many throw the idea of starting yoga away, because they might think they aren’t flexible enough to practise yoga. As said before, the practise of yoga is an individual journey where you enhance your own capability, this regards with all types of yoga.

An asana, is the name for an position and movement in yoga. Some might relate yoga to gurus sitting in lotus. Frankly yes, there are some, but the majority aren’t capable of that, and maybe never will. That is not an obstacle for starting yoga. You don’t have to be flexible for practicing yoga. In fact, most of the asanas have variations just for you.

There is endeed a lot of yoga forms, some that suits old people and some that suits babies, even pregnant women waiting for birthgiving. Yoga is a healthy hobby, and can be a lifestyle. During time, more and more types of yoga are invented, and now there is everything from danceyoga, family-yoga to yoga for children. Childrens yoga combines play and yoga together, witch improves the childs bodyimage, cordination, selfesteem, and the cognitive capability.

Many forms of yoga fouses on breathing, and that is a common aspect in yoga. It’s clinically proved that yoga is healthy for the body. There are forms of yoga that focuses on inside organs in your very own body. One type that correlate with this, is satyananda yoga. There is also hormon-yoga witch focuses on the womans estrogen levels and dicreases pms.

If you’re into meditative yoga, kundalini yoga might be a match for you. Kundalini is a spiritual way of practising yoga, and includes breathing techniques and mantras during meditation. This is an old form of yoga.

Hathayoga, is a common name for all kinds of physical yoga, and the main focus is the balance between the physic and the mental state.

There is also yoga that happens in different kinds of enviroments, for example bikram yoga, where you practice yoga for 90 minutes in a degree of 38-40 celcius.

More recent type of yoga might be mindfullnessyoga, witch focuses on right now, right here.

Yoga is indeed a nice way to improve the physical and mental health. And no, yoga isn’t just meditation.


Just a casual article by me 🙂