throwback to my first solo


Anna Abreu

My friends and I were watching Anna Abreu perform in my hometown. Those of you who don’t know Anna Abreu, she’s a quite known finnish music artist who many might recognize from Idols. She’s done multiple albums, and sings both in finnish and english. Here’s a little clip and a few pictures.


Been spending the weekend in Helsinki visiting my friend. We went to Linnanmäki even though the weather was quite uncomfortable, atleast in my opinion 30 degrees is too much. We went in this machine that takes you up several metres up in the air, and I took this picture from there. This picture is taken just a while before it started raining a little, otherwise the day had been very sunny.

Ballet goes boxing

I never ever would have thought I’d say this. But i would like to take a small break from ballet and try something new! As it is, boxing is not totally new for me, since i’ve done the sport in the past. I have to admit though, I really miss it. So I was thinking about maybe joining my boxing club in my new hometown. Don’t know when yet… It might be during summer, or after summer break when everything starts going. Anyways I am very excited to go boxing again. Sadly I have sold these boxing gloves witch are in this picture, but I have a new pair waiting. I am gonna show them for you later.

2015-05-08 18.54.00.jpg

Helsinki design museum

We did a school trip last week in Helsinki, and we visited the Helsinki design museum. There was currently two different types of art. Upstairs was dedicated to Josef Frank. I took picture of his work aswell, maybe I’ll put them on here aswell later. Anyway, for me the most interesting part was the downstairs, witch was dedicated to art in Finland, that is current even to this day. An example of that is for instance, marimekko and Alvar Aalto



















Magritte, Amos Rex

Me and my mother were in Amos Rex, Helsinki yesterday, checking out the surrealistic art of Magritte. I didn’t take photos of every piece of art, but I sure managed to take a lot of pictures. I do recommend going there to check it out.